Sewage Ejection Pumps

Sewage Ejection systems enable you to have that dream bathroom in your basement, or have that laundry machine placed in a lower grade position while still working effectively to get the waste to your sewer main. It works by pumping sewage above grade level to a location you have grade, allowing you to have a bathroom or fixture at a much lower point of elevation.

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Why a Sewage Ejection Based System?

You usually don’t require a sewage ejection system unless grade is an issue (Drains need to start high and grade down towards your sewer). If you wanted a bathroom fixture, such as a toilet, to properly drain at a low grade level you would be required to pump the sewage to the proper height of your existing main drain. This way the grade is achieved and can be properly discharged from your home. A sewage ejection pit is an excellent option for those renovations or situations when cost to regrade can be too much. Let RFG Diagnose your current plumbing system to determine if this is the right fit!

Are all sewage ejection systems and pumps the same?

No! Not all pumps or designs are the same. We at RFG Plumbing take each unique situation and apply a solution that works for the customer and one that is going to last for years to come. We choose high quality pumps, and use only rated materials that get the job done the first time. Have one of our licensed plumbers come check out your situation.

What if my existing sewage ejection pit requires maintenance or repair?

We at RFG Plumbing perform maintenance and repair services for many makes and models. Schedule a time with us to have a plumber come out to diagnose the situation at hand, we have the tools, people, knowledge, and skill to achieve anything plumbing related. Call us today, and well have you going in no time!

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