Electrical storms can cause havoc to you and your homes safety. Many people have experienced an electric shock during storms while holding phones and other plugged in items. Even more have had electrical devices overload due to lightening strike. Lightning kills 10 Canadians per year and injures over 100.

Lightning travels through power lines and other cables surging electricity and damaging many parts of your electrical system. With the right preparation you can limit the amount of damage and risk of injury. Follow these steps to keep safe and sound when lightning strikes.

What To Do When Thunder Approaches

  • Unplug computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.
  • Avoid plugged in appliances and anything that would conduct electricity.
  • turn off and unplug unneeded appliances.
  • Avoid using land based telephones, unplug cell phones before use.
  • Stay away from windows and doors.
  • Avoid showering and washing hands/dishes.

Lightening strikes 2 kilometers away can still damage your home. Normal power bar style surge protectors will not stand up to lightning. A whole home surge protector will be your first line of defense, they are installed at the electrical panel and will serve all the homes electrical devices. For more information on home surge protectors click here.

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