The Unintended Growth of Service During Lockdown

The past year has been one of hardship for mostly everyone. The pandemic has changed our lives in ways future generations will not understand. Beyond the immediate risks of heath and exposure, many have faced financial challenges. Business as a whole seemed to come to a halt. Or did it?

electrical breakers

While many areas of business have shown huge loses, the housing market has skyrocketed in a way that could only be compared to an explosion of massive force. In an effort to cash in, contractors, businessmen, and first time home flippers are upgrading electrical and plumbing service at a rate few could have predicted. In addition, home owners with vacation money that could not be spent due to lockdown are deciding to put the money into their property. This means that the need for electricians, plumbers, and contractors is at a high.

Back water valve installation

Services include 200 amp upgrades to accommodate increased power usage, Lighting Fixture replacements, kitchen and bathroom remodels, back water valves, and sump pumps. All of these items improve the value of a home. And with home values rising steadily, the risks of home improvements not paying off are low. However, hiring the right contractor can mean the difference between a great job and a disaster that would cost you in the long run. Service contractors and tradesmen must be licensed and ensured. Read reviews and ask questions to ensure you pick a trustworthy and expedient company for your job.

At RFG Electrical and RFG Plumbing we take pride in providing exemplary service while being informative and upfront with the customer to ensure trust in our business. We are happy to answer questions and get your job done.

Keeping it flowing and keeping you out of the dark.

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