Back Water Valves

Back Water Valves protect your home and business from harmful backups caused by a full city sewer. Many things can cause a mainline sewer to backup, but with this handy device installed at your main drain, you’ll be protected from sewage backing up into your home.

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Why a Back Water Valve can help me save money?

Back Water Valves can save you alot of time and money if you have it installed by an experienced plumber. They work by opening a flap during excessive back pressure which would be caused by a slow sewer, heavy usage by others in your neighborhood, or excessive down pour from the weather. Once the flap is engaged automatically, that branch which the valve is installed on is now protected. It works much like a one way flapper, that only allows water to leave your home, not enter it. Also many home insurance plans will offer discounts if you have a backwater valve installed along with a sump pump pit. Contact us today to have us discuss a back water valve, or sump pump pit for your property today.

Will the City cover the costs to install the backwater valve?

The City of Windsor has a Back Water Valve program that allows citizens to have a large portion of the cost to get a backwater valve installed. We at RFG Plumbing will handle all the paper work to get you going. You can contact us today for more information or visit the city of Windsor website for more information on there backwater valve programs here:

Are all back valves the same?

No, this is simply not that case. We at RFG Plumbing use tried and tested back water valves that we install, and we maintain if the customer requires. We use valves that we would use in our own homes, and we stand by our products we install. Don’t let another plumber trying to save you money ruin the proposed solution. Doing it right ensures it will work when you need it, and for years to come. We are here to stay, and were just a call away.

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