Energy costs are on the rise during one of the worst years for Canadian businesses. While suffering from the business losses due to the pandemic, it is essential to save money wherever you can. Minor changes to your energy usage can save you up to 30% on your electrical bill. Check out these methods for saving energy in the office.

Get An Energy Audit

An energy audit can assess your companies energy loss through drafts, poor insulation, and inefficient electrical devices. Auditors will assess the best ways to increase your energy efficiency by suggesting changes including window repair and replacement, or insulation. Audits aren’t just beneficial for small businesses, home owners can benefit from changes to their homes efficiency as well.

Programmable Thermostats

Lowering heat in the winter months and raising the temp in the summer during down times will save energy when the office is closed. Even a change of one degree can amount to big savings on your monthly bill. Smart thermostats are a great option for businesses for their ability to track your changes and show energy savings from the comfort of your smart phone.

Sensor light switch

Sensor Lights

Censor lights only turn on when the room is in use and turn off automatically after a timed period. Sensors are perfect for bathrooms, supply closets, and any room that is accessed periodically.

Natural Light

In addition to energy savings, natural light has a healthy effect on employees resulting in good moods, better health, and higher productivity. The more natural light you have, the less artificial light will be needed.

LED bulb

Efficient Bulbs

Switching to new LED bulbs is a must for offices. Businesses spend a large portion of their budgets on lighting their offices and work areas. LED lights use a fraction of the energy of older bulb types.

Power Down Devices

Simply Turning off computers, printers, and other electronics can make a huge difference to your energy costs. While most devices have a sleep mode, it is only designed to allow for quick start up and operation of the device. Electronics silently steal energy while in sleep or standby mode. Turning off your devices may cost you a few minutes in the morning, but that’s a small inconvenience compared to the cost saving you’ll receive.

Before considering changes to your workplace, look for grants and other incentives offered by your local government. Incentives are often available in an effort to help the environment and lesson the strain on local power grids. Involve employees and encourage their interest in energy savings. Curbing your energy usage can be made easy when working as a group. Start saving energy in the office now!

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