Cold temperatures are on the way and with that comes the need for more warmth and comfort. Many families may find they need a portable heating device in the room they occupy most. Space heaters can provide a quick way to warm up on the coldest days. However, they can easily turn from comfort and convenience to emergency. Proper space heater safety is a primary concern. Many household fires during winter months are caused by the unsafe use of portable heating devices and could be prevented by following basic safety guidelines. Consider the following safety points and teach the whole household.

Only Use Electric Heaters Indoors

Oil filled radiant space heater

There are several types of portable heaters on the market. Some use electricity while others make use of various gasses as fuel. Electrically powered heaters are the only type that do not produce harmful gasses and so they are the only portable heaters safe for indoor use. Do not use it as a primary source of heat.

Leave Space

Even electric heaters can cause fires. Often, electrical heater fires are caused by ignition of an adjacent material. Leave space around your heater to avoid this possibility. Remove any dry, flammable materials from the area. Keep away from furniture as well.

Keep It Dry

Any electrical devices should always be kept well away from moisture, this is the same for space heaters as well.

Portable heater

Never Leave It Unsupervised

Many portable heaters are not able to regulate their heat well, this means that the outside of the heater could continue rising in temperature creating a risk of fire. In addition to the risk of overheating, electricity costs will be higher. For these reasons it is safer to turn your space heater off at night.

Plug It In Directly

Power strips, extension cords, and outlet splitters are not all designed to handle the requirements of space heaters. a large percentage of portable heater fires are caused this way. Always plug your heater directly to your wall outlet. Include a smoke detector in the room if you don’t already have one.

What To Look For In A Space Heater

  • CSA certification, All electrical items must display certification.
  • Automatic tip censor, shuts off if tipped past a safe level.
  • Automatic overheating sensor, shuts of if heated past safe levels.
  • Sufficient Grill/guards to protect from contact of heating element.

These space heater safety tips will help ensure a comfortable holiday season without the worry of emergency.

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