Smart Home -Planning For The Future-

Whether you are an avid follower of smart home technology or not, the future of home design is changing. New smart-tools are being implemented in new home design as a standard. That doesn’t mean old home owners are out of luck. Smart technology is user friendly and adaptable to many situations. Even if you aren’t smart home savvy, renovating your electrical system to accommodate smart tech will raise the value of your home and allow for a safer place for your tv’s, computers, and any other modern devices.

Protecting your devices

Modern devices like computers and other small electronics were never designed to hold up to the inconsistencies of an old electrical system. Quirks in power distribution like drop outs and power surges can easily damage modern circuits.

Smart Home Surge Protection

Many people assume that their power bar is sufficient in its surge protection for their devices, this is not true. While some small appliances and lighting may benefit from inline surge protectors, modern digital devices may not work and in some cases it can even damage the product. Installing a home surge protector at the breaker box will regulate your homes incoming power by limiting surges to a safer level ensuring the safety of all the tech in your home. Surge protectors at Home Depot

Battery Backup

Battery backups have many applications from sump pumps to computers to the whole home. In the case of emergency brown outs or blackouts, battery backups could save your computer work, or even your whole home from the risk of flooding. Battery backups at Amazon

Updating Your Electrical System

Modern appliances, lighting, and tech devices become more efficient every day. However, the amount of energy consumed by each household has skyrocketed. The fact is, our electricity needs have grown and will likely continue to grow. Old homes are usually light on their power availability. Consider adding circuits, adding amperage, and replacing old or worn circuits to allow for the growing electricity needs of your home.

Smart Devices Can Help

As our electricity needs grow many may be feeling the pressure of expensive power bills. Smart devices can help you automate changes in temperature, lighting times, and even help monitor the use of water. Automation of your smart thermostat, smart water detector and shutoff, smart power bars, and lightbulbs will lower consumption. Smart devices at Amazon

If you are looking to install smart home products or want to prepare your home to accommodate smart home products, we can help! Book an electrical inspection now! Contact us

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