When considering updating your home, popular ideas include new bathrooms, kitchens, and lighting fixtures. However, your homes electrical outlets are rarely ever in consideration. With technology speeding towards unimaginable levels, updating your electrical system is becoming more and more important. Most old homes are due for new outlets. Worn or loose, burnt or smelly, these outlets should be replaced anyway. This is a great time to upgrade to safer, smarter outlets that serve your rooms needs better. Take a look at the different outlet options available.

GFCI outlet

GFCI Outlets

Ground fault circuit interrupter outlets are designed to shut off when the flow of electricity is disrupted, like water based grounding. GFCI outlets must be installed in rooms near water or areas of high moisture.

surge suppression outlet

Surge Suppression Outlets

Surge suppressors most often plug into existing outlets but are available in hard wiring situations. They are designed to limit surges in power that could damage modern technology. Surge suppressors should be installed in offices, living rooms, or wherever your tech gadgets are.

USB combo outlet

USB Combo Outlets

Most of our small tech devices rely on USB chargers. Combo outlets eliminate the need for charger adaptor for your phone, portable speaker, smart watch, and any other USB device.

Smart outlet

Smart Outlets

With smart outlets you can perform advanced functions like time or condition triggered programs all from your smart phone anywhere you have service. Any plans to make your home smart should start with your electrical system.

Tamper resistant outlet

Tamper Resistant Outlets

For any home with children these outlets are a great addition. they are designed with shutters that resist the insertion of foreign objects.

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