As temperatures begin to drop winter weather brings seasonal challenges. These days energy costs are at an all time high. Therefore, it is important to use every option available to conserve energy in order to save as much money as you can. We’ve come up with a few cold weather tips for conserving energy this winter season.


Heating costs are at their highest during winter months. The best way to keep your heating costs low is to insulate your home so that the heat your home makes is not lost.

WINDOWS & DOORS – First line of defense

Modern windows and doors are very efficient. However, older windows and doors can be insulated better. Drafts can be sealed with insulating strips. windows can be covered with insulating plastic wrap. this will increase your homes “R” value and allow your heater to run less often.

Weather stripping at Home DepotWindow insulation at Home Depot

PIPES – Keeping it warm

Insulate you hot water lines to conserve the heat produced by your hot water tank. insulated pipes provide hot water to the tap faster, saving you money in water costs as well as easing the strain on your hot water tank. In addition, insulated pipes are less likely to freeze during colder days.

Pipe insulation at Home Depot

APPLIANCES – Silent power hogs

If you keep your home cooler during winter months you can adjust your fridge and freezer to save some energy costs. Also, dehumidifiers can be adjusted as your homes moisture level decreases. Unused small appliances can be unplugged to save energy as well. Almost all items that are plugged in will draw a small amount of electricity even when on standby or off. If you have ceiling fans they should be set to draw air upwards displacing the hot air and moving it around the room.


SMART HOME – Intelligent design

Smart home technology is a great option for anyone who would like to save on energy costs. LED smart lights can be scheduled to automatically turn off during night times or when you’re not home saving energy costs. Smart thermostats are a great way to save energy as well. They are full programmable and can be scheduled to lower the temperature when you are at work or sleeping. all smart devices can be controlled by a smartphone. so, changes can be made wherever you are (as long as you have service.)

Smart home at

With the use of these cold weather tips you’ll be able to conserve heat and save on your utility bills. If you feel your energy costs are still to high it could be caused by a problem in your electrical system. If so, contact us for an electrical home inspection. We’re here to help!

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