Change Log

This is a list of recent updates and changes done to the site.

August 13th, 2020 – V0.02A

  • Latest Plugin Updates Installed
  • Added Web Page Preloader with Logo
  • Changed Website Global Accent Green to correspond with Green #86bd40
  • Modified Navigation Logo Sizing, and Layout for Better Apperance
  • Uploaded Stock Photo Library to Web Server
  • Converted Theme to Child Based Theme (To allow internal custom edits to stick upon Product Update)
  • Added Change-Log Page at /change-log (This Page)
  • Staging of the Services, and About Us Page

August 12th, 2020 – V0.01A

  • Site has been migrated to a Staging Site [] with Increased Server Capacity and Features
  • Updated WordPress to 5.5
  • Added Facebook Messenger Chat Plugin
  • Modified Home Page Content, and Layout
  • Modified Navigation, and Menu Layouts
  • Implemented new Color Scheme into Webpage (#86bd40)
  • Removed Unused Themes

Todo List:

  • Test Contact Page for Email Ability from Contact Form
  • Test Facebook Messenger
  • Refine Facebook Messenger Bot
  • Finish About Us Page
  • Finish Services – General Page
  • Finish Services – Detailed Pages
  • Setup Facebook Feed for Latest Posts
  • Add “Experts” Banner on frontpage
  • Create a Inside-Our-Truck Feature
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